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RE: Jeton Wallet Questions?  

By sonjab, yesterday at 13:15

  @novostar Danke dir auch, meine Karte ist auch schon da, wau 5000 Euro barabhebungen am Tag ohne Gebühren. Hab auch schon das Crypto Wallet ausprobiert und muss sagen, bin begeistert.
novostar RE: Jeton Wallet Questions?  

By novostar, on 22/02/2024, 12:23 p.m

  I can only recommend it @sonjab I've only had good experiences so far, the only thing that's a bit annoying is when you deposit into your account it takes a day until it's posted, with wallet transactions...
novostar RE: Interested in Pragmatic Play and USTD winnings?  

By novostar, on 22/02/2024, 12:21 p.m

  Nice tournament, I'll try my luck.
spielo Interested in Pragmatic Play and USTD winnings?  

By spielo, on 22/02/2024, 05:44 p.m

  There is currently a 1.000.000 USTD prize pool at CoinKings Casino, which selects the Pragmatic Play Hall of Fame. The event from the developer studio takes place exclusively in the CoinKings Casino, where...
RE: Jeton Wallet Questions?  

By sonjab, on 21/02/2024, 18:22 p.m

  I looked at Blackcatcard today, sounds very good. This means you can pay anywhere and have your own wallet area. Why do so few people know about this, especially since it is a real bank in Malta, no Internet B...
Susana RE: Jeton Wallet Questions?  

From Susana, on 20/02/2024, 20:39 p.m

  Hi, I happened to write something about this today, maybe it will help you with your thoughts. Jeton and BlackCatCard Susana
Jeton Wallet Questions?  

By sonjab, on 20/02/2024, 18:02 p.m

  I have a question, so far I've gotten along well with credit cards and Neteller, but since I've lived here, more and more casinos are blocking Neteller. Is Jeton a good wallet, I have it now...
RE: Sorry for the interruptions today!  

By sonjab, on 20/02/2024, 17:53 p.m

  I work in development myself and have a lot to do with managers. It's sometimes disgusting how they behave. Close your eyes, everyone has to go to the toilet and everyone is the same!
RE: We now have Relax Gaming slot machines!  

By sonjab, on 20/02/2024, 17:50 p.m

  That's probably true, but it wasn't a problem to play in any other casino. The Swiss are now at the point where there are many providers in an online casino, but I don't live there anymore. H...
spielo RE: We now have Relax Gaming slot machines!  

By spielo, on 20/02/2024, 13:36 p.m

  Our team is currently writing reviews about slot machines, you may have already noticed. They mainly write about new slots but also older popular gaming topics. Therefore...
spielo Drop tournament from Wazdan  

By spielo, on 15/02/2024, 14:45 p.m

  If any of you like Wazdan games, here's a Wazdan Drop tournament until the end of the month. Wazdan Mystery Drop
willi RE: 11.265 euros won on the Book of Ra 6 slot  

From willi, on 13/02/2024, 17:55 p.m

  Isn't every win good if it at least doubles the deposit, let's say?
willi RE: We now have Relax Gaming slot machines!  

From willi, on 13/02/2024, 17:53 p.m

  I actually think the games are really cool, I'd love to see more of them!
willi RE: Sorry for the interruptions today!  

From willi, on 13/02/2024, 17:52 p.m

  I've also had a few casinos, hm managers, threaten me. Someone once said that they were reporting me because I canceled the booking, I'm still waiting for the decision today!
Susana RE: Sorry for the interruptions today!  

From Susana, on 12/02/2024, 17:28 p.m

  After looking at the data, it wasn't just the attacks, but a bug in our system. This combined to bring the server to its knees. So...
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